About Weston & Davis

Tony Weston and Billy Davis are long-time friends and brothers-in-law. The two have sung together since college days in the early 70’s. It was during their days at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, however, that the two realized a long-term calling to ministry together. After serving in church staff positions for a few years, Weston and Davis traveled full time for six and a half years, ministering at concert locations, revivals, conferences, and camps throughout the United States.


Both men eventually returned to church staff positions, but continued their concert ministry together for several years. Then, in 1998, Billy Davis tragically lost his singing voice and the two had to discontinue their ministry together. To say that those were difficult days for Davis would be a tremendous understatement. However, he persevered and continued leading worship in local churches, being very careful with his voice and making use of other vocalists to help him. Weston also continued to serve in local churches as a worship leader. Both men assumed that the Weston and Davis chapter in their lives was over.



There were a few occasions when the two were able to sing just a few songs together…at Weston’s ordination service in 2003 and at other worship services where both men were attending. But the dream of ever doing another full concert was pretty well put on the shelf.

Then, in 2008, Davis called Weston and asked him to consider coming to Charlotte, NC and doing a full concert in Davis’ church, First Baptist Church of Matthews. Davis felt his voice could hold out long enough to perform one concert. So….on June 22, 2008, Weston and Davis took the stage for their first full concert in over 10 years. Then, just 5 weeks later, the two walked on the stage at Weston’s church, Second Baptist Church of Conway, AR, and performed 2 concerts for the morning worship services. It seemed that God had answered the many prayers for restoration to Davis’ voice and that once again the recording and concert ministry was a possibility.


Hope for the ministry stayed alive as 2009 came. Weston and Davis performed concerts in February of that year at First Baptist Church of Camden, AR, and at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Cabot, AR. Now the challenge was figuring out how to have a viable concert and recording ministry while living across the country from each other and both men having full-time ministries in local churches.

Then, in May of 2009, Billy Davis was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The news was devastating to both men and to their families and friends. The following months were horrendous as Davis went through chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and then surgery. He continued to plan worship services, make phone calls, send emails and do as much of his work as he could physically do from his home while he endured the rigors of the treatments for his cancer. After his surgery, the treatments continued. After several months, tests showed that the treatments had been successful. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Then, spots were discovered on his lungs. The cancer had metastasized to his lung. Two surgical procedures were performed and the doctors felt good about what they had done. Now, it was a waiting game.


In January of 2012, Davis was called to be the Minister of Worship at the Central Baptist Church of N. Little Rock, AR. Then, in March of that year, a full-body scan showed no detectable cancer in his body. Thanksgiving burst forth from everyone close to the situation. It seemed that once again Weston and Davis would have the opportunity to share their ministry of music with the world.


In May, 2012, Weston & Davis, along with their wives went away on a prayer/vision retreat and spent 2 1/2 days seeking God’s direction and wisdom for their continued ministry. Their time was a mixture of praying, playing, visioning, and strategic thinking. They came away from that retreat with a renewed vision of how God might use their music to continue to impact and encourage people.


They are recording and releasing their new music for digital download purchase as quickly as they can, one song at a time. Then, as the songs for a new album are completed, they will offer the physical CDs for purchase.

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